Meet Marc Charles


Marc Charles is a broadcast radio and media professional of over 12 years, working in markets ranging from Michigan, Ohio, Canada and now Florida. Marc launched MMA Talk Show in 2016 to apply his passion for Mixed Martial Arts, specifically Karate, Wrestling and Kickboxing, to his profession of broadcast radio and media. Marc’s direct experience with Combat Sports includes earning a 2nd Degree Green belt in Tang So Do Korean Karate at the age of 14 under Russ Hanke; and a 9 year amateur wrestling career. When Marc isn’t interviewing UFC fighters, producing the next broadcast, supporting local fighters, or calling play by play at Florida’s premier Pro MMA Fights RFC, his radio residency is Weekday Afternoons on Money Talk 1010 WHFS 3:30-6:30EST. Follow Marc on Twitter & Instagram, and connect with Marc Charles on  Facebook.


Live MMA Radio in on Money Talk 103.1FM, 92.1FM & 1010AM in Tampa, FL